Based on common elements of the historical, cultural and demographic development between Europe and South America, we felt the need to create AAESA, an association that aims primarily to promote mutual understanding by emphasising the shared features between Europe and South America. 

To study, disseminate and promote common cultural roots and social links of all kinds between the countries of Europe and South America. To analyse South American political processes and disseminate the political thought of these countries, as well as to promote dialogue, cooperation and friendship at all levels and between individuals and institutions in Europe and South America.

In order to achieve these aims, AAESA intends to organise cultural, political, academic, diplomatic, commercial or other events in Europe and South America to promote the aims of the association. 

To support the publication of books and any other graphic or audiovisual material that corresponds to the aims of the association; as well as to participate in its own initiatives or those of third parties that are in line with the aims of AAESA.